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Author Topic: The Feast of the Worlds (OPEN FOR EVERYONE)  (Read 21 times)

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The Feast of the Worlds (OPEN FOR EVERYONE)
« on: February 11, 2018, 07:58:45 PM »
ooc: So for it being so slow right now, I am thinking of just having a feast/party. So it can be members and members characters. (in example: I would have me, TJ, there along with Fabi, Tessa, Jessie and Dominique. Then we can have all our characters know our members and other members know characters and vise versa. And it can be fun, sharing knowledge, eating food and drinking drinks!
So everyone is welcome and can join in!

The setting is taking place at Dominique's estate next to the sea about a two day travel from Redwall. No expense was spared, food from every corner of the globe, world class chef cooking and entertainment throughout the night. Eat, Drink, Socialize and dance the night away. Just a fun rpg with no end.


The sun was high in the sky, above the ocean. A soft breeze danced along the grass, rustling the trees and the flowers. An impressive mansion stood up on the low bluff, facing the ocean. The stark white stood out with the colorful spanish style look. Huge windows and doors adorned the mansion, giving it an airy and open feel. The most impressive walking through was the amount of painting and treasures that covered all the rooms. Statues, trinkets, chest, jewelery, chests, and a whole manner of things scattered around. The most impressive was a wall of swords and daggers, some where were outfitted with pistols on the swords and modifications. A huge desk was in the room, adorned with papers, ink and quills with sketches and blue prints hanging up on the walls and in shelves.
Tessa couldn't help me stare open mouth at everything, now this was an impressive place. She had heard of Commando Dominique Perrie, Treasure hunter and Adventurer Extraordinaire and her fame and fortune of the world, but she didn't think it was this extensive. She was busy stunning a pair of swords that had pistols built in them when Dominique came up behind her. "Yes, this was actually one of my first designs of the pistol sword." Tessa looked at the well dressed otter, true to the tastes of the house, Dominique was dressed speedily. Tessa wasn't surprised, she figured that much. "Of course, it has come a long way since then." she removed from her waist one of the pistol swords, it was finely made and the handle was shaped as a pistol with a long sharp blue-silver blade. Tessa surveyed it and whistled impressively. "Its amazing.. You really are a genius." she said complimenting the otter handing back the blade she said, "Thank you again for inviting us. Jessie was absolutely impressed when she got the invitation. She wouldn't stop talking about it." Dominique gave a warm smile, "Of course, after you helped me out with the pearls I owed you a life debt." she gave a bow to Tessa, "Which I don't think I can ever repay. I will say this, help your self to looking at the drawings and plans and if you want something, ask, I will gladly have the engineers make it up for you. I can tell you are very in awe."

While they were talking, Jessie found herself in the library. Her eyes went wide and she gave a squeal of excitement, books upon books upon books lined the shelves, and along with maps, shelves and chests full of maps. Jessie felt like she was in heaven and took no time taking down stacks of books and grabbing maps and putting them in the center of the room. Humming to herself she started to scan the maps, she will have to spend a few days here to update her collection, maybe even live here for a few months. Now that would be something. She was disturbed when Dominique and Tessa came through the door and Tessa dragging her away from the maps and books and tell Jessie something about socializing with others instead of books. A brooding Jessie followed Tessa and Jessie down to the courtyard where the mane even was, already it was filling up with creatures from all ends of the earth, Dominique hurried off to greet guests and easily chatted her way around. Tessa attempted to cheer up Jessie went pointing out all the food and designs and ran into Fabi. Upon recognizing her pen pal, Jessie brightened up and the the squirrel started to talk animatedly with the doctor.

TJ, the red fox, was sitting at a table and people watched. She was dressed in a light blue and white dress and her red hair was up in an elaborate updo. TJ silently hoped that no one would talk to her, she would much rather prefer to watch and make sure no one was getting and making trouble.
..::TJ's Crew::..
TJ- Human Fox- Red and white- Assassin
Captian Tessa- squirrel-maid- redish gold - Captain of Guards
Jessie-  squirrel-maid -gray - Cartographer
Doctor Fabiana- Mousmaid - light brown- Doctor
Commodore Dominique- Otter Maid- dark brown- Pirate